amplify recruits, trains, elects, and supports progressive champions for state and local office in the Northwest, prioritizing people of color, women, young people, and LGBTQ candidates.

Government doesn't look like the people it represents.

Our policies and processes are not as equitable, democratic, or effective as they could be, and we believe everyone should be able to participate in the responsibility of shared governance. Elected office and appointed boards and commissions have incredible impact on people's ability to thrive; it's why those officials should come from all communities — not just communities with access and wealth.

Why we exist

We find people deeply committed to community who understand root causes and offer solutions.

Then, those leaders pass legislation that works for everyone to thrive, be safe, and live their fullest life. Because when leaders share a lived understanding of the issues facing their communities, they are best positioned to help solve them.

How we succeed

We are disruptive, effective, and authentic.

To recruit better leaders, find better policy, and build consensus we can't just be innovative — we have to be disruptive. We believe innovation is improving the existing way of doing things: we work to make old ways obsolete by doubling down on our values. Grounded in principles of equity, representation, and social justice, our work is built on disrupting the ideas of who is best positioned to lead and how leaders are found. We will build local networks and leaders to leverage change at the state and national level.

Who We Are

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